Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Olympic Pool – Stratford

So last weekend I ventured to the opening of the Olympic Park in Stratford – I was particularly interested in the Aquatics Centre as I have a keen interest in swimming.

On arrival everything was extremely well sign posted – straight from the platform at the Jubilee line which was handy for first time visitors.

On arrival at the pool we noticed how extremely busy it was – not unexpected considering the buzz around the opening.

The pool was actually though hosting a biathlon competition for London school children and the stands were full of excited parents rooting for their off spring.

There are three pools available to use – one is the 50m Competition pool which was being used for the biathlon –  which has a massive seating area rising high above the pool – making it the perfect place to host competitions – something you would expect from the Olympic pool. At the far end of the pool is the diving section forming pool number two- so people can proudly proclaim they have swam in the same pool as the likes of Tom Daley!

Olympic Park pool

The third pool is slightly smaller than the Competition pool and less deep – it is the perfect pool for family swimming sessions or length training. The pool is split in to a few different sections – when we went there was length training, swim for all the family and swimming lessons taking place.

The pools are extremely well designed and are exceptionally modern – feeling like you are walking in to a giant spaceship or something out of this world!

All in all the new Aquatics Centre has everything you could need from modern changing rooms, great options for swimming for all ages, a cafe, fantastic viewing areas and generally a fantastic atmosphere!